Macs Motor Works is an industrial electric motor repair contractor specializing in repair, on-site servicing, and sales of large electric motors and rotating equipment. With over 150 years of combined experience, our team of experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all of your rotating equipment repair needs.

Our 60,000-square-foot facility utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and industry standards to repair your electric motor while retaining a separate climate-controlled area reserved for critical asset storage.

Motor Repair Capabilities:

  • 10-foot VPI System with Epoxy Resin
  • 8-foot Dip Tank with Epoxy Resin
  • 12-foot Roast Out Oven with Temp Recording
  • 12-foot Bake Oven with Temp Recording
  • Separate assembly and disassembly areas
  • Full voltage test tun to 13,800 Volts
  • 2500HP Dynamometer
  • Dynamic Balancing Machine (33,000 pounds capacity)
  • Full-service machine shop
  • Core Loss Test to 5,000HP
  • Automatic Winding Machine
  • 50-ton crane capacity
  • Baker AWA Winding Analyzer
  • CSI 2140 Vibration Analyzer and Analysis Software
  • Climate controlled area for critical asset storage

Motor Storage & Sales:

  • Climate controlled
  • Industrial dehumidifiers to control moisture
  • Shaft turning program
  • Short-term and long-term storage options
  • Large fleet of delivery vehicles including flatbeds, lowboys and cranes
  • New motor stock up to 400hp
  • On-call 24/7