About K Machine

Built from the ground up, K Machine began as a simple machine shop with a handful of employees and has grown into a sophisticated machining and repair business. We now stand tall in the industry with a team of over 200 strong. We are an affiliate of the MacAljon family of companies which complement one another in the respective industries we serve.

K Machine was founded in 1993 and was purchased by MacAljon in 2004. We offer a variety of services to our power and industrial customers. Our growth has been sustained with a steady customer partnership. What does this mean? Our customers let us know their needs and we solve those challenges. We survive on our reputation and repeat customer interactions.  

The core of our business lies in our team which is headquartered in Savannah, Georgia. We also have multiple satellite locations across Georgia to better serve the industry. Our field division is constantly mobilized across North America and abroad, serving the power industry, pulp and paper mills, steel mills, chemical and fertilizer plants, refineries, and the list goes on.  These industries are the center of our livelihoods, and we take our trade seriously.  

Our Products

We are also a manufacturer of large turbine components and a fabricator of equipment for large wood yards and paper mills. If we cannot refurbish your equipment, we can usually build you a new one. We are well-known for repairing or manufacturing:

  • High-Pressure Steam Turbine Valves (Control, Stop, Reheat and so forth)
  • Large Turbine Bearing Housings & Packing Boxes
  • Universal Drive Shafts
  • Gearboxes
  • Gas & Steam Turbine Parts Manufacture
  • Wood Yard Knuckle Booms & Wood-Processing Equipment
  • Pumps, Augers, Agitators, Fans and other Rotating Equipment



Power Generation Services


Industrial Services