Freight Deliveries

All truck & freight deliveries should use the entrance located in front of the DOLLAR GENERAL store at the intersection of MacAljon Court and 4526 Ogeechee Road. “Deliveries” include all commercial vehicles such as tractor-trailers, freight, UPS and FedEx.

Google Maps Entrance Address: 4526 Ogeechee Road, Savannah, GA 31405

For tractor-trailers, the best approach to this entrance is from the west (driving away from Savannah on Route 17 toward Richmond Hill) and making a wide right-hand turn into our entrance.

This is also the entrance into Ogeechee Industrial Park but the road is not yet fully shown on Google Maps.

After turning onto MacAljon Court (at the Dollar General) proceed straight, past the new MacAljon Fabrication building to the security “Call Box” and follow the posted instructions to contact the receptionist who will grant your vehicle access.

The shipping and receiving department is located on the right side of the building after the second gate. K Machine’s Shipping & Receiving Manager, can be reached by calling: 912-236-5411.

If you are having trouble accessing the receptionist by using the call box, please use your mobile phone and call: 912-236-9333.