K Machine Industrial Services provides sales, service and repairs for a large variety of universal drive shafts commonly found in paper and steel mills as well as refineries and processing plants. We specialize in providing turnkey repairs, consultation, custom-manufactured new parts, installation, and warranty.

New Assemblies

We can oversee the manufacture of an extensive variety of universal drive shaft components up to 1250 mm in diameter and up to 20,000lbs. We have relationships with most major suppliers in the United States and Europe. Our extensive inventory gives us the ability to provide you with a quick turnaround repair or reverse engineering of your driveshaft and provide a like-in-kind, drop-in replacement.


We balance universal drive shafts up to 20,000lbs & 20 feet long. Our state-of-the-art four jaw dynamic balancing equipment has the latest software and can balance up to a G1.0 spec.


Complete overhauls and refurbishments of old equipment, restored to “like new” condition.


On staff engineers with the ability to perform RCFA, come onsite to retrieve application information and observe running conditions along with specific application hurdles and work closely with you to determine the best solution.


Our millwright service teams will come to your site and remove your equipment and then re-install it once repairs are complete.

Knowledge Base

The vast majority of our staff are OEM-trained and have been servicing universal drive shafts for more than two decades.


Warranty includes parts and workmanship for one year from installation.