Specialty Valve Repairs

Valve repairs typically happen during an outage event where time is of the essence.  K Machine has the right team and resources to help you during this time.  We have the capabilities to handle complete valve refurbishment to specialty welding and machining procedures.  Our extensive inventory of field machining and automatic welding equipment is under increasing development every day to support your needs.

The industries we serve are many.  From power generation to industrial, but our focus is on specialty welding and machining.  Whether in the field or shop, we can provide a solution.

Some areas of focus:

  • Governor Valve Seat Repairs
  • MSIV Contingency and Weld Restoration
  • Bore Reclamation (Turbines, Valves, Pumps, Etc.)
  • Photographic Record of Repairs
  • Multiple OEMs Across the Industry