Diaphragm Manufacturing & Repairs

K Machine is known for its ability to rapidly manufacture large steam turbine diaphragms. We are an approved OEM supplier for GE, Siemens, and Toshiba. Our unique ability to respond quickly is what sets us apart.

Typically, a customer will call us during an outage after they have discovered a damaged diaphragm. The diaphragm is received at our facility and immediately reverse engineered. Data is then converted to a model, which in turn is later used for CNC machine programming.

Diaphragm Repairs

If there is no time to wait or minimal repairs are needed, repairing diaphragms is a regular operation at K Machine. By restoring your diaphragm’s airfoils to their original design, we can recover significant efficiency losses and get you back online.

Our incoming inspections include:

  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Bucket Area Checks
  • Consult / Recommended Repairs
  • Photographic Record of Repairs
  • Outgoing / As-Left Data Sheets

Basic Repairs:

    • Major – 410ss Partition Weld Repair
    • Minor – Inconel Partition Weld Repair
    • Restoration of Joints, Hook Fits, Integral Spills
    • Welding & Machining of Steam Face & Setbacks
    • Restoration of Sidewalls
    • Seal Replacement
    • Bolt Hole Restoration

Dished Diaphragm Repairs

Dishing is caused by creep of the material between the steam path, inner web and outer ring. When creep occurs, the web and packing gradually migrate downstream, potentially resulting in a hard rub against the rotor.

Dishing repairs can usually be performed at a fraction of the cost and duration of manufacturing a new diaphragm. Our repair solution has been refined through many years of experience.